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Organic Boxes & Produce


We are taking  on new customers, within our delivery range.


Please use the Contact Us page to enquire if we are able to supply you at this time.

Lisa sends out a weekly Produce List every Friday, which has a list of what is available in the coming week ahead.  If you wish to be added to this list, please use the Contact Us page above.

Our Produce List has a diverse range of fruit & vegetables on it  throughout the year.  We supplement home grown produce with organic items brought in from further afield.  This enables us to provide a reliable range of organic produce throughout the year.


You can order individual items from the list,  which eliminates the need to have to have a standard set box, we find a lot of our customers prefer this, as it helps will planning meals for the week ahead

Depending on the size of your family, you can choose from various sizes of Fruit & Vegetable Boxes - please enquire further.

Delivery is also available, there is not usually a charge for this service, but it does depend on where you are and the amount of produce ordered.

Any questions -  Please contact Lisa - using the Contact Us page

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